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DAI Activated Alumina Product Responds to PCB Contamination Problem in  Fish Oil Supplements

NORCROSS, GA – A recent lawsuit in California raises attention to fish oil supplement manufacturers distributing products containing illegal levels of the toxic chemical Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs). The Mateel Environmental Justice Foundation conducted an experiment on 10 different fish oil supplements that all contained PCBs. Three out of the 10 supplements drastically exceeded the California […]

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Spanish Version of Website Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our entire website as well as our catalog are available in Spanish. There are more than 500 million people in the Western hemisphere using Spanish as their native tongue and our interest lies in providing the best in both product and service for the Latino scientific community.

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Dynamic Adsorbents, Inc. (DAI) Drysphere(TM) Alumina Product Prolongs Transformer Life, Promoting High Efficiency Energy Production Drysphere(TM), an activated alumina desiccant agent is proven to most effectively prolong and preserve transformer life by maintaining transformer oil insulation efficiency

DAI’s Drysphere™ offers superior drying capabilities over any other desiccant product on the market, providing maximum performance and extended life of high efficiency oil transformers for energy transmission. The electrical grid relies upon transformers’ continuous delivery of power. When a transformer fails, a power outage occurs. Power outages and other interruptions in the electrical grid cost […]

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Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ Used by Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium to Determine the Presence of Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Corexit® in Water involved with the BP Oil Spill

The BP-Deep Horizon oil spill of April 2010 in the Gulf of Mexico was the worst in US history and one of the worst in the world. Contamination of inshore and offshore waters, beaches, salt marshes, bays, etc. has been widely reported, along with ill effects on estuarine and marine fauna. Reports of petroleum hydrocarbon […]

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Government Estimates of Oil in Gulf May Miss Mark – Dynamic’s Dyna-Aqua Oil Sorb™ Discovers what NOAA’s Canisters Could Not

Cocodrie, LA — On a dock in Cocodrie, Paul Sammarco unfurls a 15-foot long piece of fabric, a highly absorbent cotton-like material, which may spark a whole new debate over how much oil remained in the Gulf of Mexico this summer. Dr. Sammarco and a team from the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) sampled waters […]

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